Ever wondered, why you need an responsive online store ?

More than 68% of web traffic is through mobile device and it’s estimated that around 83% of users will use mobile to buy / browse online in near future.

What’s responsive design ?

The assurance of responsive web design is that it dynamically adapts websites to different screen sizes (Eg: desktop, tablet, and smart phones) using a same set of code.

Drop shipping is a Online retail process in which the Online store doesn't need to keep the products which it sells. Rather, when an order is placed on an online store, it gets redirected to the third party supplier and the product is shipped directly to the customer by the supplier. Mean while, the online store admin can track the happening lively, as the supplier keeps updating the status of the shipment.. The Greatest benefit in drop shipping shall be, the online store doesn't need to maintain in stock, thus it saves more time and money.

You can create individual discount rates for each product. It can be either in discount percentage or a Flat amount. Both can be done within a single click followed by a text entry. Start creating a wide variety of discount coupons for different occasions and manage them seamlessly. Bundle a group of category of products and get it displayed in the store’s SALE section. This is where people often look into.

Cart Jack’s online store is capable of accommodating 2 or more payments gateways and COD orders. Everything works independently without any mess. You just need to configure the API’s of each payment gateway. Moreover a Plug and Play !

For an Online business there should not be any limits with borders and the online store needs to accept international payments too. Cart Jack does it hands up ! Cart Jack has pre-configured leading Payment gateways.

We always make it simple for the customers to understand your billing policies, pricing and payment options. Choosing a product from wide categories, colors and sizes will not be a huzzle to your customers. On demand, we also make the online store enabled with Up selling & Cross selling logics to multiply the sales.

It's always an open trick that only an lucrativee website with multiple features and gorgeous user interface design can win the customer’s heart.

While processing an order, no matter whether its a prepaid order or COD, Within your location or far away from your station, Cart Jack has an auto suggest engine which manages to show you the best price shipment vendor for the particular consignment.

Cart Jack adapts ease technique to handle all logistics services right from automatic allocation of courier to dispatch to recipient acknowledgement. You can easily switch between surface, rail or air mode and alternatively they can opt for express delivery time or regular delivery time with respect to the online order.

Fact : For a small merchants who’re selling on an e-commerce marketplaces, Cart Jack makes a good sense as they will get access to lowest pricing for shipping the products.

Similar product with different colors and sizes may fall under different pricing. Cart Jack store keeper allows you to manage this criteria very easily. Tax rules and methods always remains complex. Yet we made it very simple, You can easily configure different taxes for each and every products. It cares for both “Price including tax” and “Price excluding tax”, You can toggle it preferably. Similarly, you can organize your in store products with different discount methods & prices. Literally, you can work with infinite number of coupons organizing each of them as easily as possible.

Customer or User ratings are always proportional to the Online store sales. Most ecommerce users are directed by the real time user ratings and reviews for an individual product. Online consumers are more focused towards the user review and rating of the product which they are about to buy. Cart Jack lets you to manage and organize the user rating system in a better way.

Build relationships with your customers using Cart Jack’s advanced newsletter manager. It helps you to create & post a lucrative newsletter in several minutes. It is the creative way to send professional store updates, promotions, and more.

This method is most effective for encouraging customers who are already browsing your products to sign up to your email list. Lot of online customers will sign up for the discount coupons but won’t make a purchase right away, which is why it’s important to nurture that relationship over time.