Lets you to Create new seller or approve the seller who has registered for merchant account. You have access to allocate products, product categories to the vendor. You could approve the listed products by the seller as well. This robust platform lets you to handle the marketplace without any hassle.

When it comes to role of marketplace admin, moderation plays a vital role. Cart Jack marketplace allows the seller / vendor to add a new product or add details and parameters to the already listed product. Once after this update, these listings will be held for Marketplace admin moderation. For all the moderation action, the seller will be sent a notification email.

Cart Jack Marketplace’s commission management system will give you a clear and detailed view of the commission distribution to the sellers and the admin through the sales. It can be detailed either by Order wise or Seller wise or Period wise or any other customizations are open.

With sequential order status change, a dynamic invoice will be generated in all the three ends.
( User end, Seller end and Store admin’s end. )

Customizable courier Manifesto can be generated according to your requirement and working system. It could really save a lot of time, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Dropshipping organized in a better way with Cart Jack’s Marketplace. The seller can switch between shipping modes and prices between each products, hence allowing the dropshipping to happen very smoothly.

Cart Jack ecommerce and Marketplace has been incredibly loaded with Mobile friendly responsive theme. We work on custom themes from the readymade theme market as well. Best viewed in all devices and platforms.

Social media feeds the most feeds of the ecommerce industry. It’s to be noted that about 56.85 % of the ecommerce online shopping industry has been thoroughly dominated by Social media. We do support Social media sharing tools, like boxes and social media login sections.

When anything action has to be done in bulk, then it should be good deal, if excel sheet or csv upload is compatible. You can easily download or create a predefined table format in excel sheet and can organize the bulk price variation or New product upload or Order status update can be overwritten without any difficulty.

Cart Jack Marketplace works with any number of payment gateways integrated and the checkout section will be handled accordingly. This applies for large scale vendors, who opt to receive multi currency payments for their orders.

This lets the Ecommerce Marketplace admin to switch between the preference of which email and SMS has be triggered for the users, sellers and admin with respect to order status and other admin actions.